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University of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cornell Law School may send up to two students in the fall or spring semester to UBA.  However, the spring semester is available for 2Ls only.

Language of Instruction

Spanish-language exchange


Created in 1821, the University of Buenos Aires is one of the most important public institutions of higher education in Latin America and is currently a national and international landmark for education and vocational training, research and university extension.

As the cultural, intellectual and legal capital of South America, Buenos Aires also is an ideal place to study Latin American law as well as the legal principles and practices shaping business law in the region. The program will provide a solid foundation for those interested in learning to advise clients with business interests in a region of vital commercial and financial importance to the United States. Students may choose from a broad array of courses in a multitude of disciplines, including civil law, comparative law, human rights law, economic and commercial law, labor law, philosophy of law, and international private and public law, among other topics. 


Fall semester: August - December

Spring semester: March - July


Interested students should consult the University of Buenos Aires website for more details.