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Amsterdam Law School

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cornell Law School can send up to four students to Amsterdam Law School in the Spring or Fall.  Spring placements are available for 2Ls only.




With some 3,700 students and 400 staff members, The Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam is one of the largest faculties in the Netherlands. It offers students a wide variety of courses and has a strong international orientation, with both a global and a European focus. The Faculty of Law favors an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with other law schools in the Netherlands and incorporating such fields as economics, psychology, sociology and even health care with the study of law. The faculty maintains strong ties with the corporate world and many staff members are also legal practitioners. Social engagement is another characteristic of both staff and students, who frequently offer their services to various law clinics. Since the summer of 2017 the faculty is located on Roeterseiland Campus , an open city campus designed to offer future-proof teaching and research facilities. The university offers students many possibilities to develop themselves in or outside the university.


Each term is divided into blocks.

The UvA academic year may conflict with the academic year at the home institutions of some American and Canadian exchange students. Students affected by such a conflict may need to take UvA exams at an earlier date than those listed in the normal academic schedule.  The UvA Academic Calendar is subject to change.

The Amsterdam Law School offers a special exam schedule to Cornell exchange students. These students may make arrangements take the exams at an earlier date than the dates set down in the normal schedule, in order to meet the necessary academic and professional schedules in the U.S.


As an exchange student you can choose from all courses in law offered by the Amsterdam Law School. For an overview of these courses, follow the link below to the UvA Course catalogue and use 'Advanced Search' under the 'Search Course' option. Under 'Department', select 'Amsterdam Graduate Law School' from the pull-down menu and click 'search' for the list of courses taught in English.

Students without a background in European Union Law need to take the introductory course in European Union Law. This course is offered twice a year (September and February). Students without a background in International Law need to take the introductory course in International Law, offered in September only.


Interested students should consult the Amsterdam Law School website for more details.