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Individually-Designed International "Terms Away"

Each year, up to one or two students may obtain permission to enroll at a non-partner institution abroad.

In order to be considered, students must satisfy all the following requirements:

(a) the proposed program must be in country where Cornell Law School does not have a current exchange partner;

(b) the student must provide a detailed program proposal with their study abroad application;

  • confirmation that the proposed host institution accepts visiting students and is of comparable quality to Cornell Law School;
  • a detailed statement of the student's educational and professional objectives for studying at the other institution, and how they will be met by that institution;
  • confirmation that a significant portion of the credits to be earned at the host institution are in courses not offered by Cornell, and relate to the clearly defined educational or professional objectives above; and
  • the cost of tuition for a semester of study at the non-partner institution.

Students should not apply to the proposed law school in advance of being selected by Cornell for an individually-designed program slot.

Students who wish to be considered for an individually-designed program slot should apply online through the regular study abroad application webpage, select the individually-designed slot as one of their five choices, and upload their additional application materials. Applications to participate in the individually-designed program will be considered by the International Committee. The study abroad application opens in early-December, and the deadline for submitting an application is January 31st at midnight.