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Waseda University

Tokyo, Japan

Cornell Law School may send up to two students to Waseda in the fall. As a result of recent reforms in Japanese legal education, Waseda has created a professional post-graduate Law School (WLS). Exchange students will take classes in that institution, and perhaps also in Waseda's undergraduate or graduate law programs.


Japanese-language exchange, with limited English-language course options. See list of English courses below.


Waseda is one of Japan's top private, coeducational institutions of higher learning. Its law school is located in a pleasant campus setting in Tokyo.


Fall Semester ("Second Term") Mid-September to Early-February

Please Note: Most WLS courses are two-credit courses taught for fifteen weeks. Each class meets once a week, for 90 minutes per session. Students attending WLS during the fall semester will be allowed to finish their study at WLS by the last class in December and earn full-semester credits for enrolled courses. Appropriate methods of evaluation will be arranged in order to compensate for the missed January classes in consultation with the exchange coordinator of the home institution.


The following information is taken from the WLS website.

WLS courses are designed mainly for Japanese students who will pursue the professional career of law practice. Exchange students may find contents of these courses too specialized for their purpose of legal study abroad. If the instructor of a given law school course deems it more appropriate, the exchange student may be advised to take, in lieu of a law school course, a more general undergraduate course offered at the Faculty of Law with a more academic gear of comparative legal studies offered at the Graduate School of Law, as long as the same instructor teaches the undergraduate course or the graduate course.

Almost all WLS courses are taught in Japanese. Given the fact that some exchange students want to take a few courses conducted in English, WLS plans offer fourteen courses of this kind in the fall semester.

The instructor of each course will use a method of evaluation appropriate for a given course and an exchange student. Methods may include a written examination, an oral examination, or a research paper of approximately 20 double-spaced pages for two credits. Either Japanese or English may be used. If an exchange student wishes to write a substantial research paper of more than 40 double-spaced pages for additional two credits, he/she may take "Special Study on Japanese Law: Supervised research Paper" offered at the Graduate School of Law. This arrangement may be made through his/her faculty adviser with the consent of a supervising faculty member.


International Trade Law

Comparative Financial Law

Comparative Family Law

Chinese Law

Data Protection Law

Comparative Studies of Intellectual Property Law

Japanese Legal Culture

Civil Law in Japan

Criminal Justice in Japan

Human Rights Law in Japan

Japanese Constitutional Law

Pacific Settlement of International Disputes

Civil Dispute Resolution in Japan

Introduction to Japanese Legal Research 1


Waseda Law School has an English-language website specifically for prospective exchange students.

Waseda University's main website (in English) is a further resource.