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A deep and rich tradition of innovative and influential scholarship helps define Cornell Law School. Our faculty is among the most prolific in the nation.

  • Cornell faculty have written monographs exploring legal doctrine and theory, many of the casebooks used at law schools throughout the country, and articles on every subject in almost every kind of publication.
  • Cornell faculty scholarship crosses traditional disciplinary lines, from comparative international law to empirical legal studies, from law and economics to legal history, and from cultural and political legal studies to law and anthropology.
  • Cornell faculty have a long history of influence in the traditional areas - civil procedure, constitutional law, contract, tort, and property thrives.
  • Common themes uniting our diverse scholarly profile include the quality, amount, and breadth of scholarship at the Cornell Law School and the influence of our work on law, policy, and society.

Our leading research institutes, centers, programs, along with outstanding scholarly faculty and student publications, evidence our collective scholarly commitment.

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