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Alumni Panel Addresses "What Every Lawyer Needs to Know about Immigration Law"

On Saturday, June 11, as part of its Reunion 2011 schedule, the Law School invited alumni to "What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Immigration Law," a CLE program organized and moderated by Adjunct Professor Stephen Yale-Loehr JD '81. Participating on the alumni panel were Hilary Fraser, JD '91, a partner at Miller Mayer of Ithaca; Jennifer Minear, JD '01, a director at McCandlish Holton of Richmond, Va.; Dan Berger, JD '96, an attorney with Curran and Berger of Northampton, Mass.; and Ramona McGee, JD '92, a senior attorney at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services headquarters in Washington, D.C, who just finished working for Senator John Cornyn (R-Tex.), a senior member of the Senate immigration subcommittee.

In his introduction, Yale-Loehr commented that immigration law is not only complicated but also pervasive, playing a role in every field of legal activity--an assertion demonstrated by the diversity and interrelation of issues explored by the panelists as they covered six major areas: criminal law, judicial review, corporate law, labor and employment law, tax law, and the legislative process.

Elucidating mechanics, motivations and effects, the presentation ranged from the cases of individual immigrants to matters of national policy. Yale-Loehr's appeal to McGee, "Ramona, why can't Congress just enact a nice, simple immigration law for us?" prompted a crash course in the politics, bargaining, and outside influences that shape immigration legislation. Addressing labor and employment, the panelists also discussed the role of immigration programs in drawing skilled healthcare professionals to underserved areas. The course concluded with a lively Q & A session that touched on recent judicial and legislative developments.