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Constitutional Law and Theory Colloquium Welcomes Columbia’s Jamal Greene

Ithaca, NEW YORK, September 21, 2012

On Monday, September 17, the Constitutional Law & Theory Colloquium welcomed its first guest presenter of the year. Earlier in the day, Jamal Greene, Professor of Law at Columbia University, had served on a panel during the Law School’s celebration of the 225th Anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. At the Colloquium, he discussed his paper “Pathetic Argument in Constitutional Law,” an examination of appeals to emotion in judicial decision-writing.

The Constitutional Law & Theory Colloquium series brings leading scholars in law, history, political science, and related fields to Cornell Law School to present their latest work. Co-conveners Josh Chafetz, Associate Professor of Law, and Michael Dorf, Robert S. Stevens Professor of Law, engage in lively discussion of cutting-edge issues in constitutional law and constitutional interpretation with students and guests.

"This year the Colloquium has a terrific mix of senior scholars and rising stars,” says Dorf. “It's a great treat for me to share responsibility for the Colloquium with Josh Chafetz, who is himself a rising star, having already established himself as a leading voice on the constitutional law applicable to Congress."

Chafetz, for his part, says, “It’s a great privilege — and a lot of fun! — to get to co-convene it with Mike, who is undoubtedly one of the top constitutional scholars in the nation,” adding, “The Colloquium is a great opportunity for our students to be exposed to perspectives from across the legal academy and for those of us on the faculty to trade ideas with our colleagues.”

Fall 2012 Constitutional Law and Theory Colloquium Presenters:

  • Jamal Greene, Columbia Law School
  • Stephen Sachs, Duke University School of Law
  • Cary Franklin, University of Texas School of Law
  • Amanda Tyler, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania