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Cornell Grad Jason Beekman Honored by LGBT Bar

This year, at its annual Lavender Law® Conference and Career Fair, the National LGBT Bar Association presented Jason C. Beekman '11 with its 2011 Student Leadership Award, the organization's highest honor for law students. A national association of lawyers, judges, other legal professionals, law students, activists, and affiliates of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender legal organizations, the LGBT Bar promotes justice in and through the legal profession for the LGBT community.

Noting Beekman's perennial presence on the Dean's List, his receipt of the Cornell University LGBT Student Scholarship Award, his selection as an Honors Fellow, and his role as president of Cornell's LGBT affiliate group, the organization honored him as an "active leader, scholar, and community builder [whose] activities in the legal community show a progressive, active engagement with the law" and adds, "The distinguished list of his achievements is only eclipsed by what students and faculty remember as his integrity and character in action."

"I'm still on cloud 9 about this award," says Beekman. "It really means so much to me. I do not know where my career will take me, but I do know that I will always continue advocating for the LGBT community in my own way-- through the power of sound, well-articulated, legal argument."

Beekman's note, cited by courts in Massachusetts and New York, "Same-Sex Second-Parent Adoption and Intestacy Law: Applying the Sharon S. Model of 'Simultaneous' Adoption to Parent-Child Provisions of the Uniform Probate Code" is published in the Cornell Law Review Vol. 96, No. 1, 2010.