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“Cornell Now” Expands Campaign Goals

 With an eye on its sesquicentennial year of 2015, Cornell University has expanded its capital campaign to achieve an institutional transformation. The launch of "Cornell Now," a comprehensive roster of development initiatives articulated by University President David Skorton, aims to make Cornell the leader in every academic discipline and the provider of solutions to the world's most urgent problems. To realize this ambition, the University hopes to attract an additional $1.45B in gifts during the next four years. By extending the campaign through the end of 2015, "Cornell Now" builds on the success of development initiatives that have secured $3.3B in gifts and pledges since 2006 and aims at a total of $4.75B.

As a committed participant in "Cornell Now," the Law School continues to follow a development plan that complements the intentions and goals of the larger University. The Law School's comprehensive campaign goal of $83M ($35M during "Cornell Now") features the abiding priorities of endowed funds for student scholarships and faculty chairs, and increased giving to Annual Fund, which facilitates faculty recruitment and retention, supports established programming, promotes academic excellence, and pays ongoing operating costs. Since 2006 and as of November 2011, the Law School has raised $54.06M in new gifts and pledges. Alumni Affairs and Development looks forward to attracting an additional $28.94M by December 31, 2015.

The Dean, faculty, and students of Cornell Law School, along with its development staff, invite alumni and friends to monitor campaign progress through the "Cornell Now" website, which outlines key funding priorities. To explore all gift opportunities at the Law School, visit the Alumni & Giving section of the Law School website and follow the links to Annual Fund, scholarships, professorships, programs, and so forth.