Alumni Short

"Latinos in the Law" Alumni Panel Meets With Students

Ithaca, NEW YORK, November 26, 2012

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month the Latino Law Student Association partnered with the California Law Student Association to host a panel of distinguished Latino alumni. Each panelist discussed his or her distinct career path and gave advice on how to navigate the ever-changing legal career as a Cornell graduate and Latino attorney.

Cornell undergraduate alumnus Professor Eduardo Peñalver discussed his time as a clerk for the Supreme Court. Katerina Barquet '11 talked about her experiences in entertainment law and her transition into family law with high profile clientele. Tiffany Sepulveda '09, director of career services, told students of the different options available to them, not just in practice areas, but also in geographical terms.

Each of the panelists offered insight into the endless possibilities that a law degree provides and how being Latino has informed their careers. The first year students were particularly thrilled to hear how limitless a law degree really was, and about the different types of work they could potentially do someday.

"It was truly amazing to see how responsive and friendly the various Cornell alumni were," said Stephanie Delgado-García '14. "Latinos in the Law not only provided great insights and tips for current law students, but also showcased the tremendous success achieved by this group of Latino lawyers."