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Law School Community Picnic Celebrates Exemplary StaffIthaca, NEW YORK, Jun 10, 2014

Staff and faculty gathered on June 3 for the annual Law School Community Picnic and Staff Service Recognition Awards. This year's event was held in the new wing of Myron Taylor Hall and was catered by Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

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Eduardo Peñalver, the Allan R. Tessler Dean and Professor of Law, thanked the staff for their dedication and contributions to the school during his first year as dean.

"I have to say that the staff here is the best that I've worked with," said Dean Peñalver. "Everybody here demonstrates such passion and commitment to their work and what we do for our school and our students.”

The Dean offered special recognition to two long-serving and highly respected deans: Anne Lukingbeal, associate dean and dean of students, who is retiring after 37 years, and Rick Geiger, associate dean for communications and enrollment, who is retiring after 28 years.

At the close of the ceremony, he presented awards to over 25 staff members for their five or more years of service.

2015 Staff Honorees

  • Wayne Weibel—XML/Web Developer, Legal Information Institute, 5 years 
  • Lyndsey Bullock—Assistant Director of Career Service, 5 years 
  • Liz Peck—Assistant Dean for Professional Development, 10 years 
  • Martha Fitzgerald—Assistant Dean for Communications, 10 years 
  • Kristen Burke—Annual Fund Officer, Alumni Affairs and Development, 10 years 
  • Lisa Parrott—Admin Assistant Annual Fund, 10 years 
  • Dan Keith—Custodian, Building Care, 10 years 
  • Sylvia Russell—Custodian, Building Care, 10 years 
  • Molly Brewton—Administrative Assistant, Office of Public Services, 15 years 
  • Dan Jones—Applications Programmer, Information Technologies, 15 years 
  • Sara Frug—Associate Director, Legal Information Institute, 15 years 
  • Pam Eaton—Admissions and Financial Aid Counselor, 15 years 
  • Karen Bailey—Building Coordinator, Facilities, 15 years 
  • Bonnie Jo Coughlin—Faculty Administrative Assistant, 15 years 
  • Gail Howser—IT Support Assistant, 20 years 
  • Lisa Carberry—Administrative Assistant, Student Services, 20 years 
  • Dave Semo—Associate Director, Information Technologies, 20 years 
  • Paul Weber—Director, Information Technologies, 25 years 
  • Brenda Conklin—Supervisor, Facilities, 25 years 
  • Donna Dingy—Recruiting Administrator, Student Services, 25 years 
  • Jack Glezen—Faculty Administrative Assistant, 25 years 
  • Cynthia Lange—Public Services Assistant, Library, 30 years 
  • Mary Newhart—Executive Director, Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative and Law, 30 years 
  • Jean Pajerek—Associate Director, Information Management (Library), 30 years 
  • Gina Jackson—Faculty Administrative Assistant, 30 years 
  • Linda Majeroni—Events Coordinator, Student Services, 30 years 
  • Mae Louis—Cataloger, Library, 35 years