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Michelle Fongyee Whelan Receives Anne Lukingbeal Award

Ithaca, NEW YORK, May 14, 2013

At a reception in the Berger Atrium on April 25, Michelle Fongyee Whelan, Associate Clinical Professor of Law, received the fifteenth annual Anne Lukingbeal Award for her outstanding dedication to the women of Cornell Law School. Established by the Women's Law Coalition (WLC) in 1999, the award is named after its first recipient, Associate Dean and Dean of Students Anne Lukingbeal.

"The Anne Lukingbeal Award voices the student body's recognition of an individual who is committed to advocating for and supporting the women of the law school,” says Christine Kim '15, president of the WLC. “Professor Whelan exemplifies this commitment, and she continues to have tremendous impact through each personal connection that she has made."

Lynne Kolodinsky '14, former president of the WLC, introduced Whelan at the reception. "Professor Whelan is an outstanding role model for both young men and young women,” says Kolodinsky. “She spent many years in practice, has been very successful in academia, and is a caring wife and mother of two daughters."

“I am thrilled and honored to receive the Anne Lukingbeal award,” says Whelan, “particularly because the award comes from the Women’s Law Coalition. The WLC is a vibrant and active student organization that is a credit to the Law School. Among other things, the WLC educates all students, not just female students, about women-in-the-law issues and provides a community that supports women law students.”

She adds, “To be recognized by such an impressive group of women is truly an honor.”