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Props for Property Law Scholar: Alexander Receives Award from Association for Law, Property, and Society

Cornell Law School professors specializing in property law have made a strong contribution to the international field, so much so that the plenary session at the March convention of the Association for Law, Property, and Society was devoted to the "Cornell School" of property legal theory. The session, which featured Laura Underkuffler, Eduardo Peñalver, and Gregory Alexander, culminated with Alexander receiving the Excellence Award.

Professor Robin Paul Malloy, a member of the law faculty at Syracuse University, presented the award, citing Alexander's "exceptional contributions to the advancement of property law and theory." The award also recognizes Alexander's "many years dedicated and generous mentorship to innumerable students, colleagues, and friends."

"The award was an enormous honor, especially being selected among so many incredibly distinguished property scholars, not the least of whom were my two colleagues and friends, Eduardo and Laura," says Alexander. "Perhaps the gratifying aspect of the award, though, was the recognition of the mentoring that I have done over the years, a service for which I've gained far more than I've given."

"The ALPS award is a richly deserved recognition of Greg's important, and ongoing, contributions to property theory," says Peñalver. "Greg's work has transformed the way property scholars think about relationship between property and community."

The Association for Law, Property, and Society is made up of scholars doing interdisciplinary legal scholarship on all aspects of property law and policy. The conference took place at Georgetown University Law Center, in Washington, D.C.