Alumni Short

Sarah Steece ’13 Awarded Fulbright Travel Grant
to Study in Berlin

Ithaca, NEW YORK, May 29
Sarah Steece ’13 has been awarded a Fulbright travel grant to support her studies in Germany. Established in 1952, the German-American Fulbright Program facilitates university study and research for exchange students. Having completed two years at Cornell Law, Steece will spend a final year at Humboldt University in Berlin in order to earn her J.D./Master of German and European Law and Practice (M.LL.P.) dual-degree.

“Although I received support from many administrators at Cornell in applying for the Fulbright grant, two professors in particular went out of their way to assist me,” says Steece. “Professor Aziz Rana was one of my references and has been a constant source of support and encouragement since my first day of law school, and Professor Laura Underkuffler further supported me by discussing ideas for my thesis proposal and helping me to develop a plan of research for my studies next year.”

Steece intends to focus her research on property law in East Berlin from the period of WWII until Reunification, examining how transitions in government affect individual rights and considering the implications for areas of the world currently undergoing regime change.

Before starting at Humboldt in the fall, Steece will work as a summer associate at Clifford Chance LLP., spending some of her time in the firm’s Frankfurt office. She hopes to specialize in cross-border transactions after graduating next year. “I'm very excited to have the opportunity to learn firsthand about a foreign legal system,” she says. “I hope that earning a dual-degree from Cornell will set the course for my future career and allow me to develop a broader understanding of international law and legal practice.”

--Owen Lubozynski