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Winter Cup Moot Court Named for Faust Rossi ’60

Ithaca, NEW YORK, March 25, 2013

Cornell Law School’s Winter Cup moot court competition, long a staple of the academic year and a signature event of the spring semester, will continue henceforth as the Faust F. Rossi Moot Court Competition. Intended to honor Rossi, the name-change is the result of a gift from Law School alumni who have combined their resources to establish an endowed fund devoted to the moot court program. Classmates John Clarke ’67, Paul Crotty ’67, Bruce Goldstein ’67, Susan Robfogel ’67, and Jonathan Weld ’67 served on the committee for this initiative; as moot court teammates at a time when Rossi was beginning his tenure as a member of the Cornell Law School faculty, Clarke and Weld benefitted from Rossi’s guidance and advice throughout their participation in various internal and external moot court competitions. “We all are privileged to have been the first in a long line of Cornell lawyers to have taken Professor Rossi’s course on evidence,” said Clarke. “The trial lawyers who emerged from our class and those that followed were significantly influenced by Faust’s unique and distinctive methodology, which emerged in that now-legendary course.”

Beloved and respected by more than four decades of Cornell Law students, Faust F. Rossi ’60 is the Samuel S. Leibowitz Professor of Trial Techniques at Cornell Law School, a faculty to which he has belonged since 1966; recurrently a visiting professor at Central European University in Budapest; and regularly a faculty participant of the Cornell Summer Institute of International and Comparative Law in Paris. His legal scholarship currently investigates the use of experts in American litigation.

The inaugural Faust F. Rossi Moot Court Competition will be held early in the spring term of 2014, accompanied by a celebration appropriate to the moment and the man.