Success Story Archives

Zellnor Myrie '16
Giving Back

Colleen Cowgill '15
Colleen Cowgill ’15 Awarded Rhodes Public Interest Fellowship

Hahn Liu '13
Multitasker Extraordinaire

Marihug Cedeño '13
A Degree for Good

Brendan Burns J.D./M.B.A. '12
Carrying a Legacy, Making an Impact

Melissa Gallo ’12
Following Her Heart into Public Interest Law

Eduardo Bruera ’11
From Academia to a Supreme Court Clerkship

Allison J. Laycob '09
Cornell Through and Through

Rutendo S. Hlatshwayo '09
A Global Perspective

Montse Ferrer '09
Seeing Both Sides

Erin Kathleen Mawson Wiley ’09
Global Opportunities

Magdalena Hale Spencer JD/LLM/DVM ’09
Degrees of Passion

Quinton D. Lucas '09
Politically Correct

Nicole M. Sandoz ’08
All About Family

Joy Ruqsapram, LL.M. ’08
Following Footsteps

James P. Rogers ’08
Flying High

Leslie A. Saint '07
Getting the Most Out of Education

Tinenenji Banda LL.M. '07
“I Always Knew I Would Travel Beyond My Borders"

Winter Torres '07
It’s a Human Right to Seek Out a Better Life

Steven Jones '07
Repairing Our World

Jocelyn Getgen '07
Good Health Is a Human Right

Maymangwa Miranda '06
Community Is Crucial