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Immigration Appellate Law and Advocacy Clinic In the News

Asylum Clinic Wins Remand for Transgender Client
Cornell Law Forum; Fall 2017

"Asylum Clinic Victory for Domestic Violence Survivor"
Cornell Law Forum; February 23, 2016

"Immigration Appellate Law and Advocacy Clinic"
Cornell Law School Forum; Fall 2014

"CU law program helps Guatemalan man stave off deportation"
Ithaca Journal; July 11, 2007

"Seeking asylum: Guatemalan man gets another day in court thanks to Cornell law clinic"
Cornell University News Service; July 10, 2007

"Students Win Two Victories for Immigrants"
Cornell Law Forum; Winter 2007

"Cornell law students help immigrants gain asylum in U.S."
Cornell University News Service; September 6, 2006

"Law students take on real-life cases saving asylum seekers"
Cornell University News Service; May 16, 2005

"Cornell Asylum Law Clinic Aids Immigrants"
Cornell Law Forum; Spring 2005


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