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International and Comparative Law

At Cornell Law School, we’ve had a passion for international law and a commitment to global engagement since our founding. In 1948, Cornell became only the fourth law school in the United States to establish an international legal studies program. Over the ensuing decades, our commitment to teaching international and comparative law has become a central part of our mission.

Contemporary understanding of the complexities facing the world’s legal and business communities, policymakers, and public-service organizations has resulted in a legal-education program at Cornell Law School devoted to a global vision of law that includes multinational economic cooperation and development, human rights, comparative law, environmental preservation, and increased understanding among the world’s culturally diverse nations and regions.

Students can choose from a wide range of international and comparative law courses taught by world-renowned faculty. In addition, students can participate in unique international joint- and dual-degree programs, a renowned international law journal, study abroad and exchange opportunities, a summer institute in Paris, and internationally focused clinics, programs, and centers.

Example Courses

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