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Domestic Violence and the Workplace Model Policy and Toolkit

Editable versions of the toolkit:

In November 2014, Tompkins County adopted a resolution recognizing that freedom from domestic violence is a fundamental human right and an issue of public concern. Domestic violence negatively impacts victims’ physical and mental health, the lives of their children, and their access to employment, housing, and other basic services. It is an issue that affects individuals of all gender identities, sexual orientations, races, and religions. Domestic violence also affects people with all education levels, working in all fields, and with all levels of income.

For many victims of domestic violence, maintaining employment is critical to asserting economic independence from the perpetrator, but suffering through domestic violence can interfere with work productivity, efficiency, attendance, and job retention. Ensuring that victims of domestic violence have access to a safe and secure workplace that accommodates their needs is part of fulfilling their right to be free from domestic violence.

This Model Policy offers a set of guidelines that will help employers promote safety in the workplace and respond effectively to the needs of victims of domestic violence.

More specifically, the Model Policy outlines how an employer can:

  • Provide immediate assistance to employees who are being subjected to domestic violence;
  • Help ensure that the workplace is a safe environment for all employees;
  • Create and implement a training framework that increases awareness of domestic violence at the workplace and establishes responsive procedures and practices;
  • Create a supportive environment where employees are comfortable seeking help from appropriate resources if they are victims of domestic violence; and
  • Ensure that assistance and/or disciplinary action is available in relation to employees who have perpetrated domestic violence at the workplace or using employer resources.

Employers can use this Model Policy to develop their own specific policies to achieve these objectives.

Model Policy

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