Cornell Law in Paris, June 16 to July 13, 2018

Housing, Persons with Disabilities and Total Cost

Housing Last year the Summer Institute was able to coordinate the availability of approximately 10 places in dormitory-style housing. We are working on similar arrangements for this summer as well. Students also will find many apartment rental opportunities in Paris. We will send detailed housing information to all admitted applicants by mid-April. We also will provide individual advice as needed and an internet-based, program roommate sign-up service.

Note - We very strongly urge students to locate housing before arriving in Paris.

 Persons with Disabilities Most cities in Europe, including Paris, are not as accessible as U.S. cities for persons with mobility disabilities. In the Sorbonne and Faculté de Droit buildings at the Université Paris I, wheelchair access to classrooms, offices and other facilities is limited. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for students with documented disabilities. Some accommodations may take significant time to facilitate.  Accommodation requests can be submitted to:

Cornell Student Disability Services
Telephone: 607-254-4545 


The Paris  Summer Institute

Telephone +1-607-255-2434


Some students manage to look good despite the strong euro.

Overall Cost of Living Estimate In addition to the application fee ($150), tuition (US$3,750 - $4,750) and fees for language class (US$460), students are responsible for the cost of their own transportation to and from Paris, housing, meals, and other related expenses in Paris. Although the total cost of participating in the program will vary greatly, given the world-wide range of participants, by way of general guidance we would estimate that the total cost (tuition, living and travel) for participants from North America would be in the range of US$8,500 – $10,200.